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Commercial Plumbing Installation and Repairs

Deritec Plumbing is who you need to call for plumbing installation and repairs in commercial buildings in Montreal and the West Island.


When plumbing does not work, life is not good. At Deritec Plumbing , we repair all commercial plumbing fixtures (from a leaky faucet to blocked drains) and heating systems, water lines, natural gas lines, heating boilers, sump pumps, sewage pumps, water entrance, sewer mains, even kitchen and bathroom renovation.

We inspect and repair backwater valves (extremely important, as these can prevent sewer water from backing up into your property, and should be inspected annually). We thaw frozen pipes, which must be done under controlled conditions to prevent damage to your property.

When replacement is a better option than repair, we will tell you so! We consider our customers to be family and friends in a long-term relationship.

We are qualified and licensed to install and repair all of the water and gas fittings and lines for hot-water heating systems and for domestic hot water systems. From the smallest repair to larger plumbing projects, we are qualified, able, and available in the greater Montreal area.


We install all of the plumbing fixtures and appliances that a business needs to function, from basic to optional (from toilets and water heaters to garburators/in-sink-erators, dishwashers, �instant-hot� water dispensers, faucets, and upgraded bathroom fixtures). We install lavatories and basins (laundry, service, other), sinks (kitchen, bathroom), faucets (both standard and electronic faucets), laundry facilities, hot water recirculation systems, drains, sump pumps, sewage pumps, and backwater valves.

Call Deritec Plumbing for water-saving plumbing fixtures, such as electronic (automatic) toilet and urinal flush-valves and faucets. Automatic (electronic) flush valves and faucets use infrared or proximity detection systems to activate flush or flow.

At Deritec Plumbing with more than 50 years in the plumbing trade. We consider our customers to be family and friends in a long-term relationship with us. We have the experience, expertise, tools, and equipment to repair or replace a blocked toilet in the greater Montreal area. We are respectful, clean, and professional. We are certified and active members of CMMTQ (Corporation des maîtres mécaniciens en tuyauterie du Québec), ACQ (Association de la Construction du Québec), and certified partners of Gaz Métro for natural gas piping and installations.

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Our teams are equipped with terminals allowing you to pay by credit in a secure manner, all from the comfort of your home. Our machines are disinfected between each customer and the payment is done in a totally 100% safe and very easy way.
At Plomberie Deritec, we encourage contactless types of payment to reduce the risk of contamination.