Commercial Plumbing & Heating Services in  Montreal  & Surrounding areas

Deritec Plumbing and Heating has been serving the greater Montreal area with professional commercial and industrial plumbing and heating services for 28 years with distinction. Our team of highly-trained technicians deliver expert work at fair pricing with the utmost professionalism.
We know all of the code requirements and can work with you to schedule yearly inspections and maintenance, and help you to keep your property code-compliant. We can also handle the installation of water supply distribution points in commercial buildings. Call us for code-compliance inspections, scheduled preventive maintenance, repairs, or emergency situations. We enjoy forming new business relationships and show the commercial sector what we can offer them in terms of professionalism, competence, and knowledge.
When it comes down to deciding on a commercial plumber for your solution it can easily become a daunting task, so why choose us? As licensed, insured, and bonded plumbers we have been in operation since 1989 and working with plumbing systems in Montreal for many years prior. We possess not only the training but the experience that is vital to completing your project expediently and within our operating budget. So, whether you manage a simple restaurant set-up, a city recreational center, or a giant commercial complex with many different businesses, Deritec Plumbing can handle your commercial plumbing needs. We can work around your schedule to ensure peak operating efficiency and minimal downtime, to keep your bottom line safe and profitable.

Emergency service

Emergencies can happen at anytime! Deritec Plumbing has the knowledge and experience to provide you with swift and efficient service when you most need it.With over 20 trucks on the road we can offer quick and professional service . Our experienced plumbers are all fully licenced, bonded and insured.

Installation of backflow preventer device

As of January 2018 every building with 9 units or more will be mandated to have a backflow water preventer installed. The purpose behind the installation is to ensure that the buildings water does not contaminate the municipalities water. As a DAR certified Plumbing company we can install and maintain your RBQ mandated annual verifications. All the requirements for the selection and testing of backflow preventers are set out in standard CSA B64.10.

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